How to Create an Employee Resource Group for Mental Health

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What's in the Toolkit?

Our free toolkit outlines the 7 essential steps to creating a mental health ERG.

  • Understanding how mental health ERGs are distinct from wellness and disability.
  • Evaluating how supportive your company culture is to mental health.
  • How to make the case for a mental health ERG to company leaders and employees.
  • Naming and setting parameters using careful language and framing to reduce stigma.
  • Complying with workplace regulations and how to collaborate with your human resources team.
  • Engaging all staff by using a wide variety of communication channels to spread awareness about the mental health ERG.
  • Planning a portfolio of meaningful activities from informing company policies to offering skill-building training for workplace mental health. 

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Success Stories

Verizon Media Group launched a successful mental health ERG called “Minds of All Kinds”. This neurodiversity ERG provides a global network of support to employees in 26 cities around the world. The meetings connect people with their peers and are a safe space for employees to share their experiences, talk about pressing and prevalent issues, and offer support to one other. 

For those in RetailMeNot’s ERG, RMN Rx, monthly meetings can feel “like a refuge” for participants.  

At Johnson & Johnson, the Mental Health Diplomats group grew from 100 to almost 1,000 people in just over a year, becoming one of the fastest growing ERGs the company has ever had. 

Every $1 invested in mentally healthy workplaces returns $2.30 in benefits to the company.

Research shows the most effective ways for reducing mental health-related stigma in the workplace include social contact, peer support, and education. A mental health ERG is an ideal vehicle to promote all three within an organization. When employees know others who have experienced a mental health condition, have a place to go for support and are armed with knowledge, they are set-up to feel psychologically safe at work—a key to high performance and employee engagement. 

Learn about the ROI

Create a mentally healthy workplace

If your company is exploring an ERG that supports employee mental health or is looking for corporate mental health resources, reach out to us to learn more about how Mind Share Partners can help.

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